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Welcome! to Art Tafoya Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque! Art Tafoya, silversmith and artist, learned the basics of silversmithing at age 12 from a blacksmith at a riding stable near his home. Later he learned the art of making handmade stamps and dies from Carlos White Eagle, a former student of the legendary Navajo silversmith Fred Peshlakai. Art has made an exhaustive study of Fred Peshlakai’s stamps, and is an expert at identifying even unsigned work by this master. All of Art’s stamps and dies are his own creations. Art Tafoya specializes in hand stamped old style jewelry in the tradition of Fred Peshlakai, but in a style all his own. His original jewelry is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. He was a silversmith in residence at The Turquoise Shop at Knotts Berry Farm in California for 25 years before relocating to Albuquerque. His work was recently added to the permanent collection of the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. And the “Grove” Encyclopedia of American Art and in the book on Fred Peshlakai His life and work!